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Eutectic MeCaWear      


Elastomer epoxy hybrid coating, Designed for immersion service. Corrosion protection apply on steels to concrete. Extending the life of water trucks and tanks, Concrete protection. 

​​MeCaWear A7 Is a high-performance paste grade polymer that has been incorporated with fiber to reinforce the matrix in order to enhance the mechanical properties. This is a two-part coating that blends a high loading of fine spherical alumina within the resin, along with hardening system once reacted and cured, providing you a surface with outstanding wear protection

Hardfacing and Build up Powders, compares to Eutectic, Rockmount, Stoody. We can Repair your torch! 

Spray and Fuse Powders and Torches' 


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Eutectic MeCaCorr